Map of the World 1886

This blog explores the extraordinary journeys of six British travelers who, over the course of the mid to late nineteenth century, traveled extensively around the globe.  The advent of the steam engine ushered in a new age of rail and sea travel, and along with it came a rise in middle-class tourism and travel.  For the first time, middle class men and women were able to reach beyond the familiar confines of Europe to explore more far flung destinations, from the Holy Lands of the Middle East to island paradises of the South Pacific.  The six travelers highlighted in this blog were among the most stalwart and ambitious of travelers; their journeys and the writings in which they recorded their travels give us fascinating insights into the cross-cultural encounters between the British and people around the globe.

Using new technology developed by Google Earth, the Gettysburg College student researchers who built these tours covered the global journeys of the following intrepid Victorian travelers:  Anthony Trollope, Isabella Lucy Bird, Richard Francis Burton, Constance Gordon Cumming, Charles Darwin, and Anna Leonowens.  Between them, these individuals traveled across continents and oceans to reach destinations in the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, North and South America, and Africa.